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Corey Loranger Productions works to represent the great variety of voices, stories and experiences of Franco-Albertans. In addition to his personal career, in 2015, Corey cofounded the first French-language production house in Alberta: the now-defunct Far West Productions. He produced the TV series Sel et diesel. Both seasons were broadcast on Unis TV and in more than 180 countries on TV5MONDE. He also produced the web series Abigaëlle, which was also broadcast on Unis TV and TV5MONDE.

Corey Loranger

Canadian bilingual producer. His television series Sel et diesel is aired on UNIS TV as well as TV5MONDE (2 seasons : 10 x 26 min & 13 x 24 min). His web series Abigaëlle was financed by the CMF, Telefilm’s Talent to Watch, Fonds TV5 and its broadcast partners. It was chosen as a finalist for the Edmonton Film Prize and received multiple nominations at the Alberta Film and TV Awards (AMPIA). It won the Best Web Series award and Sel et diesel won the Best Lifestyle Series award.

Corey Loranger is currently co-producing the feature film Rêver en neon, written my Marie-Claire Marcotte. Principal photography is slated for 2024. Corey is also producing the development of the TV series FRANK (working title) supported by programs partnered with the CMF, Radio-Canada, Netflix, Telefilm and l’APFC.

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I push to always grow the reach of my projects and develop symbiotic business and artistic relationships with creators from around the world.

Corey Loranger



Rêver en néon (production planned for summer 2024)

Feature film. French language. Canada. Rêver en néon tells the story of Billie (7 years old) who has always lived with her grandmother Marthe and her father Fred (somewhat simple-minded) in a tiny house in the fictional village of Pointview. When she finds out that her mother may not be who she thinks she is, Billie has no choice but to investigate her true origins and turn her daily life upside down. She will then have to choose to face the truth about her slightly dysfunctional mother and family or forever retreat into her fantasy world. This comedy-drama is intended for a wide audience including the opportunity for coviewing.

Abigaëlle (web series. Fiction. 2 saisons x 16 episodes)

Abigaëlle is an adaptation of the series of novels of the same title written by Stéphanie Bourgault-Dallaire and published by Éditions Libre Expression.

Abigaëlle et la séduction prénatale

FRANK (in development)

42 x 6 episodes
Young adult, adventure, supernatural, ecological drama.

A series inspired by the landslide in Frank, Alberta: the deadliest rockslide in Canadian history.

The sudden disappearance of a young villager in the mountains of Frank pushes a trio of friends to investigate the mystery, working against the new mining company’s efforts to cover up the truth.

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