Zazie Films

** “Séries Lab” participant ** Zazie Films produced the first Franco-Ontarian feature film, Le Divan du Monde (2009), which was screened throughout the French-speaking world. It produces virtual reality and digital media projects, documentaries and, most recently, the drama series Paris Paris, its original creation, which aired on Unis TV.

Dominic Desjardins

Dominic Desjardins has been a director, producer and screenwriter in the Canadian Francophonie for over 20 years. He directed two feature films: Le divan du monde (Zazie Films, 2009) and La Sacrée (Balestra Productions, 2011). Between 2013 and 2018, he directed the NFB’s Francophonie Canadienne Studio as executive producer. Having since joined Zazie Films, which he co-founded with producer Rayne Zukerman, he co-created, co-wrote and directed two seasons of the series Paris Paris (Drama, 26 episodes x 24 min)

In the era of streaming platforms catering to international audiences, exporting our Canadian francophone productions after their broadcast in Canada becomes imperative. We’re looking forward to new exportation opportunities hoping that it will allows us to share our cultural narratives globally, tap into new markets, and participate in the diverse tapestry of global storytelling.

Dominic Desjardins

Director, producer and screenwriter

Zazie Films


Paris Paris (in production)

Genre: Comedy
Production country : Canada
Episodes Count: 26 episodes of 30 mins
Language(s): French
Written by: Dominic Desjardins and Rayne Zukerman
Directed by: Dominic Desjardins

Looking for: Broadcasters

“Imagine… a tunnel crossing the Atlantic in 10 minutes! A comedy that takes us on a journey from Paris, Ontario, Canada, to Paris, France, humorously following the existential crisis of a couple seeking to escape the monotonous life they’d locked themselves into.

The passage Philippe found in his basement, linking Paris in Ontario and Paris in France, helped him through his mid-life crisis. His foray into the theatrical world of the City of Light made him realize that he wasn’t cut out for the life of an artist, and that there was only one Paris where he could truly find happiness: his own, in Ontario. In the second season, it’s Jenny’s turn to see what the tunnel has to offer. While she was expecting to stroll along the Seine and the Champs-Élysées, the tunnel transports her to Paris… in Texas! Stuck in the middle of nowhere, in a small American town that offers nothing but pitfalls, Jenny gradually learns how to tame the chaos that surrounds her. Between these three Parisian towns, without ever losing its roots or falling into fantasy, the series explores mid-life crises with a healthy dose of humor.

Ghost Writer (in Development)

13 x 24 min.

In the afterlife’s disappointing job market, thirty something failed novelist and recently deceased Angel McAllister finds a position as a dream writer, crafting narratives for the dreams of the living. Angel learns that rewriting someone else’s story, one dream at a time, might just be the key to discovering her own


Trill Club (in development)

6 X 1 hour

Psychological intrigue set in the world of figure skating. Figure skating is a sport in which you have to please a system to win. The enemy comes from within: the barrier of tradition, of good taste, the fear of being different, of the way others look at you. After being fired for no apparent reason, a figure skating coach struggles to rebuild her confidence and reputation through a rebellious but talented young skater. Little does she know that other forces are at play to thwart her; political, financial and emotional forces whose source turns out to be much closer to her than she thinks.

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