Slalom specializes in documentary series, magazine programming, youth series and adult series. Our TV content is characterized by its creativity and energy, inventiveness and feeling, emotion and bold spirit.

Marie-Pierre Gariépy

Marie-Pierre Gariépy has developed SLALOM with the same energy that she uses to ski down the steepest slopes. From the starting point to the finish line, her work as a producer requires audacity, precision and courage. She knows how to stay strong in order to overcome obstacles with determination and efficiency.

To produce is to devise a space that invites creation and innovation. Over the past 30 years, Marie-Pierre has surrounded herself with amazing teams who have brought projects to the screen that bring people together and bear witness to major current issues. The discovery of new talent and inclusion remain among her priorities.

While developing collaborations with numerous broadcasters (Groupe Média TFO, Radio-Canada, TVA, UNIS TV, and Télé-Québec), SLALOM has acquired a solid reputation as being an excellent French-language production house outside Quebec.

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The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier – Seasons 1 to 3

The series recollect the obstacles in Léa’s life, a young 14-year-old girl who leaves her small town to move to Montreal with her parents and her older brother. Four hundred kilometers separate her from her best friend Marilou and her boyfriend, Thomas. Through the emails and text messages that Léa exchanges with them, we discover her new world filled with obstacles linked to new boys and popular girls. Fortunately, at the heart of the roller coaster of this complicated new life, is the beautiful friendship between Léa and Marilou. They support each other, console each other, advise each other and make each other laugh. It gives place to a frank feeling of happiness and love. The series portrays a healthy adolescence carried by a joy of living that overcomes everything. A breath of hope at an age where life is anything but simple…


180 – Seasons 1 to 3

180 features inspiring transformations from people who have dared to redefine themselves. Whether they have decided to change career paths or change their lives, the protagonists of this documentary series share with us the main stages of their metamorphoses. What do these people have in common? What pushed them to take the leap whether it is at 20 or 70? 180 explores the personal and professional transformations of guests from the Canadian Francophonie. The transformations highlighted in this series are as varied as they are captivating. Some 180 guests have been fine-tuning their new project for a long time, while others have decided to make drastic changes on a whim. 180 is also an excuse to travel across the country to meet inspirationnal people who embody the dynamism of their community.

CIRKUS – Seasons 1 & 2

Aria is always told the same thing: she is too much! She laughs too hard, has too many weird ideas, dresses “oddly” and doesn’t fit in with any gang. The truth is that she is bored and tired of never feeling in her place… As the summer holidays begin, a traveling circus arrives in her too quiet little village: CIRKUS! A big tent, colorful caravans, eccentric artists with multiple talents: finally magic! She discovers in them a second family, but also a new passion! Learning about the arts of the circus and the reality of life in a troupe, she learns to celebrate her difference and discovers the power of mutual aid and imagination…
When the troupe finally presents its final show, she more than a dream: to leave with her one day!

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