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Imagine. Create. Deliver., this is the key mission of CONNECTIONS PRODUCTIONS. Founded in 1992, its catalogue of content includes documentaries, musical variety, sketch comedy, game shows and drama series. Based in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada, CONNECTIONS PRODUCTIONS is a company of over 25 employees who manage projects from pitch to delivery. Each year, we deliver more than ten series of all genres, representing a little over 100 hours of new programming.

Marcel Gallant

In addition to being a director himself, Marcel Gallant is a producer of Connections Productions and has been working in the television industry for over 25 years. Marcel offers the perfect combination of passion and experience. The series he has worked on in the past have been have been successful and demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile every time and to and to renew himself.

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Marcel Gallant



Bedaine (Development with Radio Canada)

When Dr. Evelyn arrives in the small village of St. Aubin, criminal havoc begins to brew as she searches for the formula that created the only mutant superhero known. The Moineau (sparrow) now known to the village as “Bedaine” must come out of hiding to protect his community. But with years of self-abuse and a life of cowardice, the task at hand will be much more difficult than it seems.

Garde partagée (TV5Unis)

This new sketch series boldly explores, through wild characters and real situations, the challenges, mistakes, unforeseen events, victories and defeats faced by single parents.


En Résidence (In Production with TV5Unis)

After a fire in their dormitory, a group of university students are forced to move into the building across the street: a seniors’ center. En Residence is a situational comedy with a very contemporary tone. The context and the cohabitation give a wide range of possible situations, sometimes insane, but more generally, quite disjointed. The episodes are closed. Although there is a quiet evolution on the intellectual level of the characters, however the episodes do not depend on each other.

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